Early Morning Walk in NCERT Campus

Pic 20 - CIET, NCERT 211th June 2013

I got up from my bed at 6am, something which never happened in my life lately as I was not an early rise. The voice of my teacher advising me to go for a morning walk played in my mind. So, without wasting any time, I hurriedly finished my morning ablutions and left my room.

I took the stairs instead of the elevator this time to be sure it was purely organic, and came out from NIE guest house, where we all Tibetan TGTs were accommodated.

It was really a fine morning, early morning breeze which was absent during the day time was blowing quietly from all directions, bringing some relief to all the things which had been tormented by the midday heat. Sweet fragrances were driven into my nose by the breeze. There were staff quarters on either side of my path and from some houses came the smell of Poori and Rajmah! So many people, from different walks of life, people from young to old were walking in this huge NCERT campus. There were small gardens too where I could see people doing Baba Ramdev’s Anulom Milom. At one corner, there was a man who had taken his foreign bred dog for a walk with him. The dog was very tall and could reach somewhere near the owner’s chest. The man was somewhat limping occasionally and that reminded me of the lesson I had learnt in class IX English text book, a lesson about a dog named Duke.

I started my walk from NIE guest room towards the main gate. There was very few traffic. There were people cycling and walking with Tiffin in their hands. The noise was almost absent that time except for the airplanes which kept flying over my head. There were young couples as well as elder couples with their small kids, wearing an ever loving smile. The picture reminded me of my little children whom I had left behind. I just wished they could be with me here at this very moment.

My morning walk was coming to an end as I was about to complete one circumambulation as I could see the main building of the NIE guest house. Throughout the walk, while enjoying the scenery around me, I kept murmuring my prayers and swaying my body. It was after all a very memorable walk that too around NCERT campus.

Had it not been my teacher who had told us to go for morning walk, I would have missed all these beautiful scenes.

Back home, I took a quick shower and started scribbling down these feelings before it disappeared from my memory. I made a pledge to go for morning walk if not every day but at least every alternate day!

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My metro ride


Whenever I come to Delhi, I usually prefer traveling in a metro because of two reasons; first  it helps me get to my destination without getting lost as I haven’t got good sense of direction and secondly the joy of seeing different people from all walks of life squeezed in a cabin.

I have not got such urge to jot my feelings earlier like I have got today but I have always had the idea of jotting my experience of metro ride in the back of my mind. Well I boarded the metro bound for Kashmere gate, the major intersection. Since it was the peak hour of the day especially on a working day, there were huge crowd. I was waiting at Rohini East terminal. The metro came with its ever charming “BEEP” and stopped and waited for the commuters who were by now looking anxious for the fear of getting late for their work. There wasn’t much problem getting in the capsule. Once boarded, it was as usual always a fun for me.

Some people were wearing a long face right from the morning and I really wonder how he or she would pass rest of the day. I tried to find the reasons of their long faces to myself and said, “What a pity! ”. Some people with their shining morning faces looked ever more energetic with various deodorant and perfumes, which even made me curse myself for my casualness. There were few ladies in the compartment I was in and they were with their male escorts. I looked at the ladies compartment and except for few, it looked  as if there was some fashion show coz there were various outfits from various brands. It was really good sending my eyes in the compartment. I was just counting the money they had spent on those clothes and imagining how much they have pestered their relatives and parents for buying those.

Talking about the conversations I overheard, it was even more fun. The guy standing beside me, thinking myself not knowing Hindi trying to praise himself so much. I could guess that he was talking with a girl he had a crush. Some of the people were talking so loudly and everybody turned their faces to him but he was totally unperturbed! “ Open the D drive. DO you see this folder? Ok right click. No No” someone was talking. May be he must be working in Nehru Place or some. Some boys were talking quietly and there were some big smiles on their faces. While some people were quarreling in the phone, while some were texting.

I spent the whole journey looking here and there and eavesdropping but I didn’t harm anyone. To me, the one that I enjoyed most was the young boy and girl taking out their books and discussing the lessons. They were not showing out coz I could see them fully engrossed in their constructive discussion. There were also some who were like me  but far worse, gazing at co-passengers.

During my roughly 40 minutes of travelling, I could see a little world itself in the compartment. Finally I heard the speaker saying, “The next station is Kashmere Gate, change here for Red line”. I said to myself, “What a life!”. I got off and joined the flock to the next change.

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The response I gave to one of my student’s letter

Dear Student

Thank you so much for writing to me and expecting some words of advice from me. Well, I have gone through your mail a couple of times. I feel so sorry to know that you are undergoing lots of stress and tension. I myself find it difficult to tell you to d this and that because I didn’t quite understand clearly what problem is troubling you. Any ways what I want to tell you is: there is no one in this world who does not have problem. Every day you come across different students and staff members. You ask them whether or not they have problem.  I am sure they all will say they have problem. But did you ever see them worry? Well some may worry but most of them will not worry because they know that worrying will not help solve any problem.

You must have heard the story of Lord Buddha who was once approached by a mother who was in grief because of the loss of her son. The lord Buddha promised to help her provided that she comes back meeting one single person in her village who had not lost one member in his or her family. The woman searched every nook and corner but found not a single person who had not lost someone. After knowing that everybody had the problem, she went to Lord Buddha to say sorry. So, you see everyone has a problem.

In your letter, you have said that you can’t pay attention on your studies. Well that may be because you are unnecessarily worrying about your future life. Just worrying about your future life will not help you make a beautiful future. If worrying helps, then everybody will worry. Unfortunately that’s not the fact! So, forget your worry, tension and problem and use all your energy in studies. You have said that you have chalked time table. Instead of time table try to make daily goals. I have already taught my other students how to set goals. So, learn from them the SMART goal setting. This will definitely help you.

When you are in tension or problem, think of those thousand people who are worse than you in every field. You will know that you are lucky and much better than them. I myself try this. Whenever I feel sad and blue, I look at the pictures of those poor people or think of those unfortunate people I have bumped into my life. Doing this gives me new energy and thus I get motivated. It also helps me to develop my self esteem. I respect myself for all the good things I have that they don’t have.

Being a Buddhist, we believe that everything depends on our thinking and attitude. For Example, you are eating a very delicious food with a group of people you hate the most. I am sure you will not enjoy your food. On the other hand, you are eating some ordinary food with a group of people you love the most. I am sure you will enjoy the food thoroughly even though the food is just ordinary. So, you see, everything depends upon your thinking. So, what I am trying to tell you is try to change your attitude. Look at the good side. Always use positive or encouraging words to yourself. Change will come and things will be different!

I have gone through your letter. Your handwriting is good, your English structure is good and the manner in which you have sent  the letter to a teacher is also very respectful. So, you see you have all these good qualitites which I am sure some of other students don’t have. When you were small or when you were in Tibet, its sure that you didn’t have these! So, you have learnt all these during a shirt span of time. How can you say that you can’t do because of some useless tensions. Don’t take care of tension and worry. If you take care of tension and worry, they will never leave you. They will always stick to you like a chid sticks to a mother because the mother takes care of the child.

I am sure whatever I have said here may be of some help to you. In nutshell please remember:

  1. Everybody has problem, worry, tension etc you are not the only one
  2. Make daily goal setting  SMART
  3. When you are sad, think of people who are worse than you
  4. Change your attitude and everything around you changes
  5. Love yourself, give self esteem for all the good things you have

Remember when I am writing this letter, I too have lots of problem, tension in my mind but I didn’t pay heed and so the problem didn’t give me trouble. I have completed this long letter easily. So, if you take care of problem and tension all the time, they will also stay with you. Instead of that go forward in life and the problems and tensions will leave you because you have neglected them. In life also if you neglect someone, he or she will not come near you! So, Just think!

Regards and wishes

Yours Genla

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SOS Calling

picture from google

It was the night of 14th November, Children’s Day. In the middle of the night I was woken up somehow. Later I came to know that the loud cry from a puppy had woken me from my sleep. I looked at my watch. It was 1:30 a.m. I was still lying in my cozy bed and could not dare even to go and answer nature’s call. Reluctantly, I got up and pointed my flash light through the window so that I could have a glimpse of the puppy who was crying. Unfortunately, I could not see anything except the cry which grew louder and more desperate then.

I started asking myself whether to go out and respond to the call of this puppy or not. Suddenly my wife and my daughter also got up because of that consistent cry while I went back in my cozy bed. I just wanted to see if my wife was ready to help the puppy who was in problem. So, I casually asked my wife to go out and help the dog thinking she would vehemently say “No”. But to my surprise, she only said she was afraid of going out. Then I thought she was at least ready to help the dog provided that she had a company. So, I told her that I would help her go out and answer the call of the puppy.

The cry of the puppy was peculiar which showed that the puppy was either cold or had fallen in a ditch in that cold night.  Before going out so many inaudible conversations were going in my mind, whether to go out in the cold night especially at the wee hour or ignore and let the puppy die helplessly. After much introspection, I made up my mind to go out because a couple of days back two puppies had died because of cold weather in our school itself. That was the time for me to show whether I really practice what I had been told from my religion to help those who are in need. Finally we went out quietly with our flash light. Prior to this, I had checked my kitchen to see if there was anything left for that puppy. There wasn’t any leftover food as my good girls had already bottomed up our dinner. After searching for few minutes, luckily I found a piece of bread that the puppy would probably eat if his call was for some food. In the mean time, my wife had checked our railing to see if there were any rags but could not find one. Any way, we finally went out. All Suja was wrapped in deathly silence except for that cry. I went ahead of her and she was following me. I pointed my flash light towards the direction where the sound was coming.

 I was wondering what actually had gone wrong with the puppy. Luckily within few minutes, my flash light hit the bull’s eye. Can you guess what had gone wrong with the puppy! Well that little puppy had fallen in the ditch filled with drainage water and two puppies were just licking him. The two puppies outside the ditch were helpless for they couldn’t pick him up. I said to myself, “Oh My God! Look at these two puppies who are just trying to console the one who was fully drenched in the ditch!”. So, I just picked him up from his neck. My wife was so happy then. And everything was over now. The three puppies went quietly thankless and as if nothing had happened. We just could not help ourselves from our controlled giggle!

Thus we headed back to our cozy room somehow satisfied. Such joy from having been able to help someone in distress! I felt so satisfied with my small and timely help sacrificing my comfort in my cozy bed. If I had ignored the call at first hand, probably I might have to bear the news of the death of the puppy the next day or I might have to live the rest of my life clicking my tongue for my indifference to that help call!

Now that was a help call from a dog particularly a puppy. Even his call was timely responded. Now the Tibetans inside Tibet are calling for help, they had not fallen in the ditch like the puppy but worse than that they had fallen into the hands of the cruel inhuman treatment of the Chinese regime. They are leading miserable lives which led them to self immolate. Their cries are much louder and more desperate than the cry of that puppy. So, the world leaders, Medias and community should come forward not from their cozy bed but from their cozy comfort zone to rescue them and respond to the despairing cries of the Tibetans inside Tibet rather being mute spectators to all these large scale distortion of human rights there.

A new version of Marc Anthony’s Speech: Icome to bury Caesar

Friends, world people and Countrymen, Lend me your ears
I came to bury the martyrs, not to praise them
The single act of self immolation they do lives after them
But the good is oft deterred with their bones
So let it be with the martyrs
The noble Hu Jintao says, they are splittists
If it were so, it was a grievous fault
And grievously had they answered it
Here under the leave of Hu Jintao and the rest
For Hu Jintao is an honorable men, so are they all, all honorable
Come I to speak in martyrs’ funeral
They were my friends, compassionate and God fearing
( yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And Hu Jintao is an honorable man)
They hath burned their own bodies not others
Did this in martyrs seem terrorist?
When the world carried guns and bombs
Our martyrs carried rosaries
Terrorists should be made of sterner stuff
(Yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And Hu Jintao is an honorable man)
You all did see that in Tibet since 1959
Even after hellish acts of Hu Jintao and the rest
Not a single bullet was fired back. Were they terrorists?
(Yet Hu Jintao says they were terrorists
And sure, he is an honorable man)
I speak not to disprove what Hu Jintao says
But here I am to speak what I do know
You all did love Tibet once not without a cause
What cause withhold you to speak for Tibet?
O judgment! Thou art fled to power and money
And men have lost their reason… bear with me;
My heart is there in Tibet with the martyrs,
And I must pause till it come back to me

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Invoking philanthropy in us

Today, whatever beautiful and comfortable world we are living in is all because of the hard work and sacrifices of some of the good and selfless people we had in the past, like the scientist, philosophers, social reformers etc. Those great people had undergone lots of hardship and ordeals in their lives, to give the future inhabitants of the world this beautiful and comfortable life. Had they either given up their good Samaritan at one point in their lives, or focused only on their own happiness, today the world would have been much worse than what we have now. From Thomas Edison who has given us this bulb to Alexander Graham Bell, who had invented the telephone, there are so many people to whom we should not only be thankful but also be following their footprints. The fruits of their labour are being enjoyed by us today. Ask ourselves what we do for others! We will see how much we do for others! These great people have touched the hearts of so many people because they have made our lives more comfortable than theirs.
Today the great corporate, which have lots of money and property, have started doing philanthropic work. To name few, we have Microsoft Company, Infosys, and Reliance etc who have started various foundations for the welfare of people. Why are they doing all these? They all think that touching the hearts of people by doing something good gives true happiness and satisfaction! If we see what they don’t have, we won’t see anything void in their lives. They have everything we all dream of possessing. The only thing they don’t have is the happiness and satisfaction in their lives, which do not come from fame and money. We should learn from them, the art of forgoing selfishness and working for others who are in need.
Now, it’s our turn. What can we do now? Nothing! Just try to reduce selfishness that is intact in us and do something for others’ benefit. Even if we cannot touch others’ heart like those great people by inventing something, we can at least touch others’ heart by doing something good or forgoing this “I, Me, My etc”. Some of us are so selfish, so selfish that we let everything go indifferently as long as our aim is fulfilled! We have failed to learn great lessons from those great philanthropists. They must have felt “I, Me, My” but somehow they had considered others more important and thus let go their own happiness and started working for others.
If we look into our pockets, they are all filled to its brim by receiving. Now it’s high time we start giving to others in terms of time, thoughts, concern and help. Invoking some Philanthropy in us makes lots of difference in our lives. The happiness and satisfaction we all long for comes not in being selfish but by reaching out for others. There is no need for us to be rich or great to do this as there is a saying, “There is no reap time to do the right thing”. Start thinking about others next to you and see what you can do. There are so many things you can do. In fact you will be surprised to know there are so many things you can give to others! So, invoke some philanthropy within us and live a happy and satisfactory life.
Tenzin Dhargyal

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Does the world have less people who have experienced suffering?

When I ponder over why many nations don’t support and stand by Tibet, who is presently in dire need of help, my thought takes me down to the horror of colonization. Many of today’s great nations have undergone such oppression and they should be knowing how it feels to be under oppressor. Perhaps, there may be less people who have actually experienced the suffering of not having one’s nation in this big world. Or the people who have actually experienced such pains or who are the real witnesses are either dead or old at this time. The new generations have not experienced such suffering and thus they cannot understand how we, Tibetans are suffering. Unless you have experienced suffering yourself, you will not understand others’ suffering.
More than 30 Tibetans have self immolated since 2009 in such a short span of time! It’s not one or two but it’s going in 30s! Taking one’s life is not easy and nobody wants to self immolate unless there is some deep pain inside. So, these Tibetans who have self immolated have deep pain inside, the pain they have been born with since the coming of the communist Chinese, who on the pretext of liberating the Tibetans, slyly oppressed them. Oppressed in such a way that the Tibetans are not even allowed to keep the photo of their own leader His Holiness The Dalai Lama. They are even not allowed to hold peaceful protest, doing these results in harsh reaction. They are not allowed to follow their religion, which is regarded as poison by the Communist Chinese. So, the Tibetans inside Tibet are living a lifeless life. So many restrictions are imposed and thus they are literally chained! Under such conditions, they have nothing left but to torch their precious body. They believe that taking one’s life is better than living under Chinese oppression.
The whole world knows about this through the Medias as well as the social networks like Facebook and twitters yet they are shying away from coming forward to help Tibet at government level. It is so unfortunate that the Tibetans are waging a non violent war against one of the most powerful nation in this world, China the mere mention of the name sends shivering effect to other nations! The Tibetans are fighting against China, against whom no country wishes to have nettle with. The Chinese are leading the world economy and all other nations start fawning the Chinese for their own economic benefit. So for the sake of one’s economic benefit, most of the nations are giving a deaf ear to the cause of Tibet. The Chinese booming economy has put on big black goggles on the eyes of the world!
When one moves towards money and power, one tends to bye-pass the truth, justice and humanity. This is the case when it comes to Tibetan cause. The world has not yet become so bad as to devalue the humanity, truth, justice etc. When that time comes, it will be the saddest story of this world. Let’s pray not to see such bad time in near future.
I, as a teacher teach my students about the ideals of UNO, the working and principles of this organization. I also teach them the importance of truth, justice and humanity. Even when I was small, I had been taught about these. Now when I see what the world really does practically, I somehow hesitate to teach these. I tend to lose some kind of confidence to teach these to my students, when actually power and money out do these truth, justice and humanity. These will be only in the text books and has no value in real world.
The Tibetans are humble and peace loving people. We have never resort to any violent method. We even don’t have a single gun at home! Such non violent people we are! We have done everything to protest against the Chinese oppression. We have even given our own precious lives without harming anyone. We have done whatever one should be doing peacefully for our cause. It must be only the Tibetans who have such a large number of self immolations. So, if there is any other method left, please tell us. We have gone to the extent of giving our own lives peacefully, such a harmless people we are, Tibetans! So, world people, government help us. The world will never see any other peaceful people like Tibetans! Please come out of your safety cocoon and give us your sincere support.

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A sad Losar eve

A sad Losar eve
Today is the eve of Losar( Tibetan New Year). It reminded me of the good times when our parents used to be busy from head to toe preparing altar with their best and we as kids would be busy taking a glance at what was presented on the altar. There was a time when this day used to be busy shopping here and there, sneaking into somebody’s room to exchange one’s specialties and staying late into the night. How great this day used to be, full of excitement and anticipation for the first dawn of the next day when everybody would be clad in their best dresses! It has been celebrated at par with what the whole world celebrate and welcome the New Year!
But now that charm is lost. There is in fact no interest in doing all these things especially at times when our brothers and sisters are self immolating. As a part of our tradition, I am decorating the altar but now it was not the same feeling. The pictures of our martyrs and their families hover over my head. My mind keep wondering how the families of the martyrs would be feeling especially on this day when everybody would be excited! Their sacrifices are not for their personal happiness but for the happiness of all the Tibetans. How can I ever dare to celebrate Losar like I used to in good times!
There is no special joy today like I used to have earlier. There is a deep devoid in my heart. I don’t mind forgoing this Losar for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Tibet. My heart is fully with them. There will be lots of Losar to be celebrated in future once we regain our freedom. Tibetans all over the world are requested not to celebrate Losar this year and this is the thing we can do at least when people in Tibet are playing with their precious lives.
For me there is no Losar. I will pray for them. I will put myself in their place and try to feel their situation in this free country. My sincere condolences go towards the family members of our martyrs. May their sacrifices bear fruit and may their sacrifices not go in vain!

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prayers in heart

( Excerpt from the poem ” Ode to West wind” by PB Shelley

The present situation in Tibet reminds me of the poem of PB Shelley. The Tibetans inside Tibet have fallen upon the thorns of life and they are bleeding. Their voices could hardly be heard and someone help us in this time of hardship. Let their sacrifices be a wake up call for all. Some one like the powerful west wind, help us.

“As thus with thee in prayer in my sore need.
Oh! lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!

A heavy weight of hours has chained and bowed
One too like thee: tameless, and swift, and proud

Make me thy lyre, even as the forest is:
What if my leaves are falling like its own!
The tumult of thy mighty harmonies

Will take from both a deep, autumnal tone,
Sweet though in sadness. Be thou, Spirit fierce,
My spirit! Be thou me, impetuous one!

Drive my dead thoughts over the universe
Like withered leaves to quicken a new birth!
And, by the incantation of this verse,

Scatter, as from an unextinguished hearth
Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!
Be through my lips to unawakened Earth

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

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Cry of an exile brother

Cry of an exile brother
The gloomy weather here in my place coincides
With what is happening inmy country,Tibet.
Like the cold wave that has swept all over this place
The Chinese repression has swept all over my country,Tibet.
To protest this unjust policy
My country men are immolating
Calling for His Holiness in Tibet
And the freedom for Tibet.
The whole plateau of Tibet 
Is overflowing with these words,
Enough to be heard even by deaf.
Why can’t the Chinese hear!
People of my age are laying their lives in Tibet
Not one not two but scores
I just keep counting their deaths!
Oh why am I so meek
Like the kids?
I run short of words to express my respect and
Reverence to these martyrs.
I could feel how much suffering they have to bear,
Even a prick of a needle get on 
MY nerves!
Oh my dear brothers and sisters,
Our bodies are here in exile but
Our hearts are there with you beside your corpses.
My heart aches when news of immolations
Enter my two tiny ears.
How much struggle you have carried
Day in and day out, that too
Right in front of the sophisticated  guns
While I am breathing the exile air
For thirty something, longing for some native air!
My father died waiting in vain,
My wrinkled mother hoping to breath her last in Tibet
Every day she prays.
Alas! Don’t worry there is always
a thin silver lining for every black cloud
Your names will be written in blood
In the history of our country
Our children and grand children
Will lament your names in prayers
My real heroes!
Another night has crept in
I feel really hesitant to sleep
For the fear of another immolation news!
Om Mani Padme Hum!

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Today is Monday, my third day at school after returning from the Kalachakra at Bodh Gaya. The cold weather still prevails because of the snow-clad mountains which surrounds the school from one end. The spirituality inside me which is still fresh from the Kalachakra was once again was awaken by today special prayer held in the school hall to show our solidarity for our brave brothers and sisters in Tibet, who had and have been laying their precious lives for our common cause. The special prayer was attended by all the staff and students infront of His Holiness’ Photo brightened up by few thousand butter lamps.
The intense and harsh cold here is just like the harsh condition prevailing inside Tibet, our Mother land. The Chinese do not hesitate to crush the peaceful protesters with their full might leading to death of few Tibetans. I fear once again the same sad episode of 2008 may come. Its high time Chinese realized their bad administration instead of blaming His Holiness and Exile Tibetans for the protest. Our brothers and sisters had no alternatives but to immolate themselves. Their immolations are not for their own benefit but for our common cause. I can understand how desperate they feel when they have to take such extreme steps. Young monks and nuns self immolating one after another really calls for us to do something, not just to think of ourselves but for our common cause. I really find these brave acts call for some mass and global protest, a huge protest which will shake the Chinese regime. People all over are saying that it’s a call from Tibetans inside Tibet and we must heed to it.
Kalon Tripa had officially requested the Tibetans to forgo Losar celebration to show our solidarity. He had also set feb 8th this year to mark as a global Tibetan protest. I am looking forward to this day and hope the protest works well and hope it sends a strong message for the Chinese government.
My mind goes over all these matters and it pains me a lot when people of my age keep sacrificing their precious lives.
The prayer session ended at lunch time, we all prayed sincerely. The school Director also gave a brief speech before the prayer about this special event. I feel quite relieved having done something today as a Tibetan for those who are risking their lives in our motherland.

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